The determinants of health

About half of the interventions which have reduced child mortality were outside hospitals, see Bishai and colleagues. We must prioritise the important determinants of health so that every child and their families have access as soon as possible.



Child Health – what should be done

17,000 children die every day due to preventable diseases. This paper in BMJ Open like PACHA advocates for Universal Education, WASH, immunisation and nutrition.
It has been shown that universal provision of these core services, which especially helps the poorest reduces inequality in countries.


For the many…not the few


This recent paper (June 2017) Reducing maternal mortality in sub–Saharan Africa: the role of ethical consumerism  draws the link between maternal mortality in SSA and  ethical consumerism.

Iris Marion Young in her paper Political responsibility and social injustice reminds us that we are all responsible for structural injustices although our actions or inactions may be, or appear to be very distal from us.

The influence of citizens in high-income countries on those living in low-income countries generally acts through institutions. Therefore in order to minimise harm we could carry out a personal audit on how we vote, invest, bank and as suggested in the article above – where and how we shop – see Ethical consumer.